The first time I took the patronus quiz I got a cat. A CAT. I've made my feelings on cats pretty clear before, so I shouldn't have to explain to you the all-consuming grief I felt at this revelation. After I spent some time crying in despair (am I joking? You'll never know) I decided the only course of action available to me was to delete my account and try again.

I picked a new memory, spent a minute in meditation to make sure I was in a pure state of mind, and started again. The stress was higher as the stakes were higher, but I came out alive and smiling on the other end, all memories of my common house cat patronus almost forgotten.

Would Jo approve of my retaking of the quiz? There's no way to know for sure, but I'm counting it as an off day, and it's not like a patronus has never changed before. Here's looking at you, Tonks.