The Great Backpack Dilemma of 2015

They're cute. Right? Both of those backpacks. A normal person might look at them both, spend anywhere form 5-20 seconds deciding between the two, and then make their purchase. But I am not a normal person. 

Let me start by saying that these are not the only two adorable animal backpacks that Skip Hop has to offer. They have like 20. Lies. I just counted and they have 21! 21 options to drive the indecisive person insane. Literally insane. By the end of the day my eyes were twitching and Spencer was about ready to have me committed - that man is more patient than I ever deserve. 

But let's start at the beginning. 

Carter is getting to an age where a diaper bag is not really necessary anymore, but going out in public without a few diapers, a sippy cup, and a few toys is like parental suicide. I've been thinking about getting a little bag for him to carry his toys to places like church or a friend's house, and I decided that out flight home to Utah was the perfect motivation to finally make the purchase. Make the child carry his own carry-on, amirite? 

So I started my search. I narrowed my decision down to a Skip Hop bag, and then to one of their animal bags. And here is the thing: I immediately knew the dog bag was my least favorite, and so of course Carter decided it was his absolute favorite. 

It was the cutest thing. He would point to the dog's nose, and then his nose. He would woof, laugh, and if I tried to switch to a different bag he would get legitimately angry until I went back. He liked the elephant bag alright, he thought the monkey was funny, but oh how he loved that dog. So I should get the dog backpack, right? 

RIGHT! That is where a person who has the ability to make decisions would have been done with the ordeal. But I just could not. All of the bags were adorable and, while I wanted Carter to love it, I also wanted to make sure I really got the right bag! Only a special kind of person will even begin to understand that sentence. Spencer pointed out that Carter already has a lot of dog items, so maybe it would be nice to have something else. But on the contrary, Carter has a lot of dog items so we know he likes them! There is no way I could explain to you the stress that I experienced while trying to make this decision, but I am fairly certain I now have grey hair. And Spencer too because he had to try and have a sensical conversation with a crazy person. 

The good news is that, after literal hours of distress, I made the ultimate decision and purchased the dog backpack. But don't worry. My mind was still not made up. The following is an excerpt from mine and Jennie's texts about the backpack dilemma, and I think it will be all the proof needed that Jennie is a perfect human, and that we need to seek therapy because WHAT? We have problems. 

I will keep you posted. Count on approximately 50 changes of mind. 


  1. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha laughjing so hard through this entire post!!

    "Only a special kind of person will even begin to understand that sentence."

    I am your special person, forever.