What I'm Reading Now

I was going to get off the couch and get our real, legit camera and take a real, legit photo of this book, but then I realized I would have to stylize the shot and try to find natural lighting at 11:30 pm and fix it up in photoshop and, really, who has the time for that? Also, I think it's important to make sure I keep my blog real so you know my life isn't like a freaking fairy tale or something. So I present to you, what my life looks like now:

Me reading a book and giving the appropriate "Yay!"/"Boo!" as Spencer watches football. Also, I definitely went out and bought that nail polish today because I wanted my nails to look like Mindy's.* No shame.

I have read another 30 books since my last book update, but if I'm too lazy to take and photoshop a picture, it should go without saying that I'm too lazy to write a blog post that links to 30 different books. I mean come on, if that's not time consuming I don't know what is. 

Anyway, so far Mindy's new book is amazing and life changing, as is to be expected. 

And you know what else is amazing and life changing? My sister's blog!! Elizabeth is the sister I text pictures of my outfits to asking for advice as to how not to look like a homeless person. She is beautiful, classy, funny, stylish, and an excellent writer. Check her out (her blog, sorry boys, she's married!) and I promise you will never regret it. 

Here is the link to her blog again in case you were too lazy to click it the first time. I got you. 

. . . . . . .

*Mindy once responded to my tweet and so we are best friends and best friends match their nail polish. See? She LOVES me. It. She loves my tweet.


  1. I love it so much and I'm like a chapter in haha! Mindy Kaling will just always win life. Seriously, everyone should be reading this book if they aren't already. I love how she is able to be funny about literally anything yet not doesn't make fun of anyone while doing it. She has such a gift :)

  2. MINDY RESPONDED TO YOUR TWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  3. SHE RESPONDED TO YOUR TWEET?! Stop. I love her so much. I need to get that book ASAP!

  4. Oh . . . How am I just seeing this blog entry of yours? Thank you so much for the shout out! And you know Mindy would be SO excited to know you got fingernail polish to match her, right? I'll have to check this ew book of hers out!