The Wedding Photos I've Never Shared

It occurred to me recently that I had never (I think?) shared any wedding photos! At the time I just wanted them to be special for us, and then time went on and I got lazy, and then I just forgot. But our wedding was amazing and beautiful and, though it was not perfect, the not perfect moments are my favorite. And so, if you will indulge me, I will now lead you through some of my favorite photos, and the reasons they made the list.

All photos courtesy of Emily Susan Photography.

Left: There are definitely some wedding decisions I would do differently, but I will forever love my cake.

Right: "Spencer, do I have cake in my teeth?"

My sisters-in-law sang an original number titled, "Sadie Almost Married Lady." I'm really not an overly-emotional person, but when I heard them practicing this song before the breakfast I kinda started to lose it and had to leave because, makeup.
Here's the thing. I broke out the night before my wedding, I felt exhausted all day, it was snowing so everything was soaking, and I liked how my stylist did my hair for the bridals more than the actual wedding day. So when I found a wedding day picture where I actually liked how I looked it was very exciting!
Because look at my dad's face. LOOK AT IT.
My mother is the best person to be in charge of your reception food because she will make sure it is AMAZING and that you have cookies flown in from Morocco. (My parents lived in Morocco at the time - my dad only brought like two shirts because my wedding cookies took up all of his suitcase.)

After the reception they set aside two plates for us, but we forgot about them (distressed emoji)! Our reception was the night before our wedding, so we stopped by the grocery store on the way home and got mac and cheese and gatorade and I went home and ate my food while watching The Office. I feel asleep on the couch and my roommates had to wake me up and make me go pack for Hawaii the next day. GLAM. 
Look at us. We are so cute and happy. 
I think our faces here are excellent examples of how awkward we both feel being the center of attention. LOOK AWAY, PEOPLE. WE'RE JUST EATING CAKE. 
I'm the youngest in my family by 10 years, so I hardly ever see all of siblings. In fact, there have been 3 times in my entire life when all of my siblings have been in the same place. It meant so much to me that they all flew out for my wedding . . . also, that face is soooooo Naomi (laughing emoji)! I will let you guess which one is Naomi. (Please note: Not all of these people are my siblings. There are in-laws and parents and aunts and uncles and nieces and nephews.)
Left: Just a picture of us that I really like. That wall color!

Right: This is me at the wedding breakfast (instead of lunch, so before the ceremony) looking at all the beautiful delicious food and thinking how good it looked but also knowing I was too nervous to ever eat any.
This is one of my favorite pictures from the entire wedding and wedding-related festivities. Look at all that family love! My in-laws are the greatest humans.
I believe the photographer's exact words were: "That one's going on the mantel!"


  1. hahahaha that last one! these are amazing!! I'm so happy you blogged them, and were totally real about it! I laughed multiple times during this, and missed you the entire time. O.O (ALSO THAT ONE YOU LOVE OF YOU AND THAT ONE YOU LOVE OF YOU AND SPENCER, I ALSO VERY MUCH VERY VERY MUCH MUCHY MUCH LOVE)

  2. ALSO, emily has no idea how amazing it is that she got a picture of you asking spencer to check your teeth. Also.. Naomi! hahahahaha! I don't even know her like.. at all.. but I'm still laughing. hard. the end.