Carter's Birthday Party - Decorations

Some people say a baby becomes a toddler when they turn one, others say it's when they walk. Either way, it's official: my baby is a toddler! Carter took his first real steps (more than one or two in a row) right after we moved - much to the dismay of his grandmas! 

His party was perfect. I'm actually really glad we had the party on a day other than his actual birthday. In all honesty on the day of the party I probably saw Carter for about two minutes total. There were so many things to do and take care of, and if it had been his actual birthday I would have regretted not spending more quality time with him. Also, if I hadn't had so much help from family and friends I would never have been able to pull off something this beautiful. On the morning of Carter's actual birthday I did nothing more than blow up some balloons for him to play with and hang up a simple "celebrate" sign on the wall, but we spent the day doing fun things that Carter loved, and it was perfect. The take away? Over-the-top parties are only fun if you have a TON of help and don't mind spending next to no time with your baby. 

Pictures courtesy of Jennie Rae Photography


  1. Wait, he's a toddler?? How?!?!?!?!?!?!

    Also I love this. Of course!!!

  2. Everything is so lovely! I just love that birthday party theme and the weather also cooperated with your outdoor party. On my son’s fifth birthday I am also planning to host the party at some outdoor party venues Houston TX. Do you have any recommendations?