A fair representation of my life right now

If there's* one thing I miss about our old apartment, it's the location. And the dishwasher. I mean honestly the location couldn't be beat. Directly across the street from a Rec Center with an amazing pool, three blocks from the library, one block from the grocery store, four blocks from downtown, 15 minute walk to campus. I would have married that location if I could. And the dishwasher? I don't need to tell you what it means to have a dishwasher. It's like getting to heaven and realizing your mansion is built on a cloud of cotton candy. I'm not sure if that's actually the best comparison, but heaven and cotton candy and dishwashers all seem like pretty amazing things, so we're going with it.

Our new apartment? No dishwasher. It's like getting to heaven and realizing your mansion is built on a pile of rotting fish. Spencer and I have been sans dishwasher before, but now that we've experienced the sweetness that is convenient dish washing we're having a hard time adjusting. In an attempt to cope, we decided to make a little sign for above the sink reminding us to wash our dishes immediately after using them. I am sharing this with you because I'm hoping that those of you with kids will find this as entertaining as I did. Too much Daniel Tiger? Definitely. 

Spencer told me to put a picture of Daniel but I wanted something pretty, so I decided to compromise. 

*Two words in and I've already had two typos. If = Fi ; there's = theyre's. Go easy on me today. Also, is it possible to forget a skill overnight? I don't even know, you guys, but I definitely put on and washed off my makeup three times this morning before I started to look like a normal human. My eye liner looked like my one-year-old had done it. Maybe I'm suffering from early onset memory loss? When we were moving we found a $50 Bed Bath and Beyond gift card left over from our wedding, so the other day I went to BB&B to buy a microwave. When I got to the check out lane I realized I forgot the gift card - naturally -, and when I got home I realized I had bought half the store but no microwave - of course. 

Also, after typing this little paragraph I honestly can't remember what I was originally planning to blog about. I know it was going to be about how I miss the location of our old apartment, but I honestly have no idea where I was going with that . . . pray for me. OH I GOT IT. Ok. We're good. But now I've lost my motivation so the post you just read was much different from the one I originally intended on writing. Thanks for sticking around, you guys. I really owe you one. 


  1. That sign is the cutest thing of my life. And yes I agree that our apartments are in the best location ever. I will sit here and appreciate that for a hot minute instead of complaining about the fact that we live in a shoebox as I usually do. I hope you guys are settling in ok!

  2. Okay, that sign is SO CUTE and it took me forEVER to notice there was a tiger hahaha.


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