The Nage, Netflix, and Peanuts

So. National Treasure is on Netflix. This is one of those things that is only great in context. If someone handed me a copy of the National Treasure DVD I would likely set it on my shelf and never watch it, I might even just throw it away. But because it's on Netflix, I'm stoked. It's like Ellen's view on peanuts on planes. If someone handed me a pack of six peanuts with my feet firmly on the ground I would throw it back in their face. But if I missed my six peanuts at 30,000 feet it would be grounds for a small riot.

What makes Netflix the airplane of movie watching? There are literally hundreds of documentaries on Netflix that I would never think twice about under normal circumstances, but once they are on Netflix I become borderline obsessed with them. Tiny houses? Don't mind if I do. Fed Up? Time to freak myself out by learning about childhood obesity.
I'm pretty sure the entire Nicolas Cage cannon falls into that category. Scorcerer's Apprentice? Never. Oh, it's on Netflix? It's my new favorite movie. I once whet on a date with a guy whose mom went to high school with Nicolas Cage, and I was just like . . . Really? Are you using this as a bragging point? I'm pretty sure that's the worst claim to fame ever. I once touched the back of Taylor Swift's right arm and I think I have a better "in" in Hollywood. Heck, I think anyone who has ever seen the back of T Swift's right arm has more bragging rights than a former classmate of the Nage. 

Poor Nage. It's not his fault. It is? It might be. But hey, if I was an infamous typecast and my face was the bud of all terrible memes I would keep going in the name of making millions. Nage, more power to ya. Way to not let The Man bring you down. 

I salute you. 


  1. I'm telling you, "Raising Arizona" is one of the best movies ever. Just typing this is making me laugh because now I'm thinking about it. Those were Nages glory days. Anyway...I love the ridiculousness of "Sorcerers Apprentice," as well as "National Treasure." I totally know where you're coming from though. "Ooooh what's THIS?! I can watch "Overboard?" AGAIN?!" (I don't actually know if that's on Netflix but if it is I highly recommend it, and yes it is ridiculously stupid.)

  2. Hahahahaha Dave's siblings are obsessed with Raising Arizona too! I thought it was funny, but maybe more of a cult classic. I'm more of a Family Man girl myself. And I OD'd on National Treasure when it was the ONLY movie my group of friends ever wanted to watch. The only scene I like is when he and the girl buy trendy new clothes because it slightly resembled a flirty clothes montage in a chick flick. I have shallow tastes.

    1. Ok I LOVE Family Man! I definitely forgot about that one!