DIY mini cakestand

As I recently confessed on Instagram, I am shamelssly planning my child's first birthday party months in advance. His first birthday also happens to be his golden birthday, and it's going to double as our going away party, so I feel like I really have to make this one count even though deep down I'm aware that he could not care less . . . but he's my first, so it's OK to be crazy, right?? I also figure that if I start making decorations now then I will have less to stress about as we get closer. So yes. Those are the ways I am justifying my actions. 

I looked into having his smash cake made by someone else to save time and stress, but then I remembered that I love making cakes and I knew I would regret not making it, so I hit the stores to find mini-cake supplies. Turns out a mini cake stand ran at about $30, which seemed A) ridiculous and B) like a scam. So I decided to make my own, and the whole thing cost about $7.  
I got all of my supplies at Hobby Lobby. For the base I used a glass candle holder and for the actual flat cake holder part (does that even have a real name??) I used a round piece of wood and white spray paint. After the wood was painted I used my hot glue gun to put the two pieces together, and there you go! The whole thing took only a few minutes of actual work, and then the time it took for the paint to dry. I'm a little obsessed with the results and plan to use this for many smash cakes to come! I'm excited to show you how it looks with an actual cake :)

Just remember that you don't want to put food directly on the paint, and you should put a doily or cardboard between the cake and the stand. 


  1. Perfection <3 <3 <3 (and your little lime/grass picture.. shut up!)