St. George Weekend

We are so close to being done with BYU and moving on to Notre Dame, but with Spencer taking one more class this spring we can't celebrate quite yet. Knowing that we would be stuck in Provo for the summer, we were in desperate need of relief and decided to take a short weekend trip down to St. George. 

There's just something so relaxing about playing cards and watching TV somewhere other than your living room. Not that we spent the whole time vegging on the couch, but it is kind of nice to have an excuse to stay home and relax after bed time. 

We were only there for two days, but we got our fill of sunshine, pool time, hiking, and taking a break from responsibilities. Carter absolutely loved swimming and I think he needed the break form routine as much as we did. 

So bring it on, Spring Term, we're ready to finish our time here and move on to Indiana!