I realize I'm a little late for a Valentines related post, so yes. That is all I have to say about that.

I've been on a big intentionality kick lately - I want to make sure that we have traditions, routines and rituals that our kids can count on and that they can carry on to their own families. I want to be the fun mom who makes pizza every Saturday and who always makes my kid's birthdays extra special. I've always known that being intentional about family time is something I wanted to be really proactive about, but I guess I never really realized how much WORK it would be. 

Seriously. It turns out that if you want to have memories, you actually have to make them. A few years ago I found myself thinking how much easier it would be to just not decorate for Christmas. I mean seriously! You spend an entire weekend removing all of your decorations, pulling new ones out, and then doing the whole thing over again in a month. Let's just skip the tradition and be on with our lives! Also, imagine the storage space you could open up if you didn't keep holiday-specific decorations around. The possibilities are endless! I digress. Christmas is important and so are traditions. Decorations it is.

One tradition we had growing up was bringing Valentines cookies to our friends. I have always wanted to carry on this tradition, and I figured this year was a good one to start. Let me tell you, it was a serious reminder of how much work it will be to actually have legitimate family traditions. I mean, I've made sugar cookies before, it's not a big deal. But for some reason the whole process became 300 times more complicated when we were doing it for a purpose, and I realized that when there are little hands wanting to crack the eggs and frost the cookies the endeavor will become 300 times more complicated. But that's ok. I want my kids to have memories and special traditions. I want our family to be close and connected. If you want something you have to work for it, right? And what could be more important to work for than family? 

I use this sugar cookie recipe. It is amazing and you will die and eat them all and gain 15 lbs. It will be worth it. 


  1. My thoughts exactly! Andrew and I constantly are talking about traditions and making experience for our kids. They are so important. But you are right- they are so much work and most of the the time the kids either a)don't even want to do it b)don't appreciate it c)throw tantrums or d)all of the above haha. But seriously, someday they will look back and be grateful hopefully!

    1. Seriously. The effort has to pay off eventually, right?!

  2. You know. You know. You know. How I feel about this. All of this. Especially the cookie that made me cry. And I'm so freaking excited that you posted the recipe.


  3. I can attest that this recipe was amazing. I agree about intentionality (I don't think I knew this was even a word.....oops). I'm learning now that it turns out all of the fun stuff my mom did for us was not just pixie dust and magic. It probably took her staying up all night to make it happen and added stress but it was so worth it! Within reason, obviously. I love your blog! Sorry I'm commenting on everything like a stalker.