Motherhood: Bring Your Own Vacuum

I feel like moms are always going on about how they never knew how dirty their floors were until they had a baby. I hate that. Like, I get it, kids like to stick things in their mouth and your floor is like a small thing jackpot. Let's not make this a regular topic of conversation.

It's like when you're a freshman at BYU and all of the upperclassmen are like, "Oh, the testing center is the worst. I don't even walk by it if I can help it because I hate that place so much." And you're just like, "Yes. Tests are not your favorite part of college. Let's not be dramatic." But then one day, likely in your senior year, you find yourself walking past the testing center, unsolicited sweat running down your neck, and you're just like, "What is this feeling? Could it be fear? Fear with a dose of anxiety? I don't want to walk past this building ever again." And that's when you realize that you have become one of them.

Well, you guys, I've made it. I get it. You think your floors are dirty, and then you have a baby. I remember listening to moms being like, "I vacuum every night when my kids go to bed. It's just a part of my routine." I would just sit there thinking, "Ok, self-righteous, let's take a step back. Do you really?" I mean honestly, every night? Is that also how often you scrub your shower and do the ironing? It seemed extreme. I knew I would never be that mom. 

But I get it now.

Carter is officially officially crawling. For a while he could only move backward, then he could only move to the side on hands and feet, but he is now on hands and knees, conquering the floor one inch at a time. It's terrifying.

Gone are the days when I could leave my immobile baby on the floor when I took a shower. We have no more uncovered outlets, no more unattended computer chargers, and, most importantly, no more un-vacuumed floors.

I guess never say never, right?

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  1. Haha its funny the things I do as a mom that I said I would never do. Like I use to say that I would not let nap time determine my day- but now I plan my day around nap time.

  2. I totally agree with this. And I totally vacuum almost every night now. It helps that my apartment is like... four square feet. But I do it and I am not ashamed.

  3. I want you to know that this sentence had me laughing harder than any other: "Gone are the days when I could leave my immobile baby on the floor when I took a shower." And for some reason that mental image is still making me laugh and I don't know why. That is all.