Carter loves mom, dad, and eating grass

The other day Spencer decided to take a shower, so Carter decided to crawl to the bathroom door and cry. The following is the pre-cry phase where he sat and hit the door repetitively:
Separation anxiety, much?? Answer: YES. These days I can't set him down to load the washer without a full-blown baby freak out. On the one hand this is totally validating and makes everything worth it, but on the other hand . . . can I please just brush my teeth?

In other news, most mornings after Carter wakes up I bring him into bed with me. Most often he immediatley he makes every effort to escape, this kid likes to move! But the other day he sat quietly and let me hold him, and then he gave me his first ever kiss! It was open-mouthed and slobbery but it was absolutely perfect and possibly the greatest moment of my life. I love that kid! 

And now for three more pictures, because I am a mom. 


  1. So precious! Baby kisses are the best!

    1. Absolutely! Makes the bad days worth it.

  2. I will cry right here right now. Don't make me do it.

  3. Also I got way too emotional when you described his first kiss. And when you described him hitting the door. Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiingsssssssssssss.

  4. Avery is having total separation anxiety too! Love it but hate it.