Pillow Covers

Conference weekend, more like crafting weekend. Am I right? This year during priesthood session I went to Gardener Village, which is always super dangerous for my bank account. Luckily I left my wallet at home, otherwise I would currently be filling out bankruptcy applications. All of the Halloween decorations made me sad that we don't have any. But here's the thing, what would we even do with them the other 11 months of the year? If there are two things we don't have an abundance of at the moment it's money and storage space, so holiday-specific decorations are just not super realistic.

Nonetheless, the trip to Gardener Village set off the crafter inside of me, and the next day I pulled out all of my mom's fabric scraps in an attempt to make some holiday pillows. Free, foldable, festive. Bam.

I also made a pillow cover for Carter's room, which is slowly but surely coming together. How cute is the blanket my mom made? If anyone has a cute vintage airplane and/or hot air balloon that hangs from the ceiling, I am accepting donations.