Baby Bubs

When he's hungry he chews on his fingers. He only cries if he is both tired and hungry, or if you missed the cues and he is borderline starving. 

If he's tired he does the classics - stops making eye contact, yawns, etc. - but if he gets overly tired or overly simulated he does this sad little half-cry that sounds like a three-year-old trying to get out of eating their vegetables. 

He is usually happiest chilling on his back after a diaper change. He coos and smiles, makes eye-contact, and then stops the second I pull out the camera.

If his crying ever gets hysterical, you just have to do squats. He will stop by the second one.

Swaddling is the answer to all of life's problems. He hates the actual process, but once he's wrapped he couldn't be happier. 

He's just learning how to smile, so sometimes it's a little lop-sided. It is adorable. 


  1. Do you hold him while doing the squats or does he watch? He is so stinking cute and that smile is the tops!