Brains before Beauty

There is a clothing store based out of California that decided to go the non-traditional route when they put out their new spring line. Instead of contacting modeling agencies, they set out to find females with doctorate degrees. Buzz feed did an article about it that can be found here.


I gotta be honest with you, I'm not sure how I feel about it. I feel like the these ads feature beautiful near-size-two women, models or not. Now not only am I not as beautiful/photogenic/thin as them, but I also don't have a PhD in Neuropsychology. It's impossible to see a woman's intelligence in a photograph, and being told that this beautiful model-esque woman is also majorly accomplished makes me feel even worse for not having a gap between my thighs. If these woman can have it all, what's wrong with me?

I appreciate the thought behind the gesture, but I'm not sure how well it was executed. Thoughts?