Elevators and children

Scene: Mid-afternoon, office building, Sadie gets on an elevator already occupied by a 3-year-old boy and his mother. 

Boy: "Why are you getting on? Get off!"
Sadie: "Get off?"
Boy: "Yes!"
Sadie: "But I need to go down!"
Mother: "That wasn't very nice, you need to say sorry."
Boy: "Yeah! Say sorry!"
Mother: "Um, no, you need to say sorry."
Boy: "Oh. I'm sorry. 

So what we learn here is that children don't like me? Children are protective of elevators? Children have no filter? I think we all know that children have no filter, and I also think that is my favorite thing about them. I am so fearful of/excited for the day my child points and exclaims loudly that "Mom!! Doesn't he know smoking is bad?!?"

There's just nothing you can do, you know? Once a child has spoken, the truth is out, and there is no amount of apology on the mother's side that can undo the damage.



  1. hahahahahahaha that picture is PRICELESS

  2. I love this. There's a bulletin board in our church that is full of these fill-in-the-blank profiles the primary kids filled out about their mamas on Mother's Day. Some sweet primary leader tried to come up with a nice way to ask these kids about their moms having careers outside the home and what they did. She came up with, "When my mom works, she..."

    The result? We have the gem of "When my mom works she gets kinda mad." With a mad-face illustration to match. Makes me giggle every Sunday.