Mommy Cards

Ok. It's time to talk about it. Those Vista Print commercials, the free 250 business card ones? It's cool and all, but what get me is this line: "... use them as business cards, dating cards, mommy cards and more!"

Am I hearing this wrong? Did they just suggest that I hand out mommy cards? Am I the only one who has no idea what this is? Am I handing out cards letting people know that I am a mother, should they be interested in play dates they can call me? Am I offering mothering classes? Am I saying that I will adopt your unwanted children? 

Ok. I googled it. You guys, mommy cards are a real and actual thing with websites! One of these sites even has a list of the top 10 reasons that you need a mommy card:

Top 10 Reasons to use your Mommy Cards:
1.     New moms you meet and want play dates with
2.     Contact info for Babysitter
3.     Neighbors
4.     Existing friends (the cards are just too cute not to share)
5.     Put in holiday cards, birthday cards, thank you cards and more
6.     When dropping off your child at someone’s house for a play date or birthday party
7.     If your child is lost you can give out the card with their picture on it to help find them
8.     Keep one in your suitcase or diaper bag in case it gets lost
9.     Will make grandparents smile
10. Just for fun!

This is a joke, right? People realize that cell phones exist and are great for exchanging numbers and showing pictures? 

Is it just me? Are mommy cards a real thing that are actually useful and handed out regularly? Do you have mommy cards and do you find them useful?

Shed the light. Share the knowledge. But mostly, back me up. This is crazy, right?



  1. I have never received a Mommy Card! EVER! Never even heard of it.

  2. I hear this commercial on Pandora only about five million times a day and always catch that too! I'm wondering if a "mommy card" is specific to a certain region on the country? Like.. the Deep South or somewhere really obscure?

  3. HAHA. I'm going to ask you to design my mommy card now.

  4. haha this is crazy!! No it is not real- at least I have never heard of it. But way funny!

  5. My mom has a "business card" (from Vista Print, haha) even though she doesn't work aside from being a homemaker. It's just convenient to hand to someone to give them your name, phone number, address, email, etc. all at once. It's really handy and even though I wouldn't call it a mommy card I guess it is, because it's not for a business. Very funny post though. :) I concur completely.