Dishes and Selfies

I may or may not have mentioned this before, but our least favorite thing about our apartment is the lack of a dishwasher. I know, our lives are hard, first world problems, all that jazz. I feel especially lame complaining about dishes after talking to my dad about how he did dishes when he was little. Here's the thing, my parents are about a generation older than the average 22-year-old's parents. Like, my dad remembers the invention of the ball point pen. He was six. That being said, doing dishes in my dad's house growing up meant going out to the well to get water, which then had to be heated up to do the washing. After that they had to go get more water from the well to rinse the dishes off.

Right. You wonder how people spent their time before the internet? Now you know. Dishes. 

So the other day as Spencer and I were walking out the door to visit my sister, Spencer's brother Davis called to see if he could crash at our place and use the internet for a few hours. Of course. The only thing was that our apartment was a disaster zone and I was nothing short of embarrassed. But you guys, it turns out Davis is the best human. By the time we got home he was gone, but he had done our dishes before he left. 

What. a. gem. 

We decided to take a picture displaying our happiness to send his way. We took a series of selfies, resulting in the picture chain below:

Right. Let's talk about it. I decided to kiss Spencer's cheek the same time he decided to . . . bite my face?? and it resulted in this masterpiece. 

We entertain ourselves.