Sharing the Love

Remember when I told you that I have a private baby board so people don't assume I'm expecting? Yeah. Well I also have a board called "secrets" where I post all of the beautiful things I don't want other people stealing. I'm selfish, it's fine.

When I see a truly amazing craft or something that I really love it goes onto the secret board. I also put things there if I am more than 95% positive that I am actually going to do them. I don't want people to see the craft I did and think it's lame cause they already saw a better version on pinterest.

This morning I came across the most beautiful fabric site I have ever encountered, and I immediately pinned it to the secrets board. However, the fabric selection was so beautiful and so perfect that I just couldn't keep it to myself, so I am sharing it with you.

They have hundreds of patterns and they also come in wallpaper, decals, and wrapping paper. It's ok to cry, things this perfect rarely come along, and when they do they need to be properly celebrated.

Tell me you aren't dying over the whale fabric. IMAGINE HOW PERFECT IT WOULD BE ON A PILLOW!!!!!!

Ok I'm done now.


  1. I have actually heard of this website! It's sooo awesome. They have the cutest fabrics AND you can actually design your own fabrics. You just put whatever design you want and they print it and send it to you. So cool.

  2. the elephants... the elephants!!!!

  3. I started looking and I seriously am dying because of the cuteness. I kept on calling clark over, and he would look, and then just give me a look like, "Really? You called me over to look at turtles and foxes and elephants?" So now I keep it to myself as I scroll in complete joy and happiness.