I'm not a big crier, but I cry at the end of things. I cry when best friends move, I cried when Jerusalem ended, I cry when I realize a phase of my life is over just as soon as it began. 

It's the nostalgia. I am its queen. I think about all of the people, places, and experiences that passed and I just can't help but cry. So many memories and I didn't even realize when they were happening. So many people come and gone and all of them changed me. So many classes, so many research papers, so much learned. So many roommates, so many laughs, so much bonding. 

And my major. My beautiful, life changing major. As Jennie said, we will always be able to use our major no matter where we end up because our major is about life. Our major is about people, families, and communities. Our major is about communication and learning how to be an influence for good. My major changed my life. 

There is no possible way to explain how much I have loved my college education. I love my campus, I love my people, I love my classes. I love remembering how hard it sometimes seemed, not just school but life in general. I remember nights where I honestly could not imagine how life was going to work itself out. I remember actually referring to my future as a black cloud and laughing at how cliche that sounded, but not knowing how else to communicate the totally unpredictable state of my life. 

I love being able to look back knowing that everything worked out. I love that I will always be able to look back at my college years and have good memories of people and places. I love the way my life has happened. I'm so excited for the next adventure.  



  1. I remember bawling after my freshman year! I was so sad to have it end. The people and all that came with them made up a beautiful, life changing year and I hated that it was ending. Then a friend told me that I should look at it as a good thing. Instead of being sad it was over be happy that I loved it so much and that it was wonderful. I loved that advice! I'm so glad you loved BYU as much as I did.

  2. Congratulations on graduation Sadie! I remember my college graduation like it was yesterday even though that was almost three years ago. This chapter after graduating is such a weird but exciting time in life, you literally have the world at your fingertips! good luck with all your ventures ahead!

  3. I love this picture of you and the design. Beautiful. :)

  4. Congrats lady! Such a beautiful picture of you.

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