A frame for every occasion

It's not a secret, I like to make fun of things. I'm not talking relentless bullying, just a friendly "wait, you're not serious...?" when I feel it is fully deserved. Like this picture frame:

Five generations? Really? How often do you have your child, you, your mom, your grandma, and your great grandma all alive/in one picture? Is this a common enough occurrence that we need a special frame? If you happen to fall into this category couldn't you like, make your own custom frame?

I guess I just don't have that much faith in people's lifespans. Or maybe it's the fact that I only have two generations I could take a picture with so five seems absurd and a little far-fetched.

Is it just me? Do you have five generations still kicking? Am I the odd man out because my grandparents died young(ish)? If you happen to have five generations hanging out send me a picture so I can build a shrine to you in my home. Also so I know to stop mocking this frame.


  1. Mom
    Rachel's kids

    okay you're right. I thought you were mis-counting but no, you're right. Five generations alive at once is rabbit-level fertility and I want nothing to do with it. (Four generations is Rabbit Lite-level.)

  2. hahahaha dan's comment is the best

  3. when my baby is born I will have five as my great grandma is still alive...

  4. Surprisingly my family has five generations (and a picture to prove it) but absolutely NOT in this picture frame.