Pantry Makeover 101

We love our apartment, but here's the thing: I've had classrooms that were bigger than our home. I'm not talking 250 seating capacity lecture halls, I'm talking third grade elementary school classrooms. It's not like we need a ton of space, it's just that we've had to get a little creative with storage options.

Exhibit A: our "pantry." There's a pretty flimsy bookcase that I inherited from an apartment over two years ago that has followed me as I've moved. It has taken on many roles over the years, the most recent being that of our pantry.

There's no way around it: this is not a pretty bookcase. It's got holes drilled in the back, it's starting to come apart in places, and it's a super boring light oak color. Rough. So, me being me, I had to do something about it. I had many ideas, most of which included painting, but then I looked up the steps to painting laminate. You guys, they expect you to leave the primer on for seven days before painting. Seven days. Yeah, because I have that kind of patience. Not to mention, this isn't some prized possession passed down through generations that I intend on keeping until the day I die. This is a 45 dollar Ikea purchase passed form one college apartment to another, and it probably won't be making our next move with us.

That being said, I wanted to do something for this little bookcase that wouldn't be too much of an investment in the actual case, but more of a long-term home/pantry investment. The results:

Yeah, I took these pictures with my phone. Judge on.
I started by measuring the depth and width of the selves and doing a quick inventory of the pantry so I had an idea of how many baskets we would need. Then we headed over to Hobby Lobby to get wicker baskets and spray paint.

True, Pinterest gave me a few unrealistic expectations for this project, but I'm quite proud of our little makeover. The thing about a small apartment is that when one thing is dirty, the entire apartment is dirty. It's not like the mess is contained in just the kitchen or just the living room, the kitchen is the same as the living room so the mess is everywhere. Having this little added measure of organization makes the entire apartment seem more organized, and we love it. 

Oh, also please listen to my new favorite song


  1. Looks perfect, Sadie girl! I love it!

  2. I always get really excited when you have a new post.

  3. gahhhh love it - bowl or oranges, so cute!! yay for organization and spray paint!