I have canker sores in my throat

You guys. All I know for sure is that I was understanding my stats class just fine until they decided to throw this baby at me:

Pro tip: don't leave an independent study class until a month before graduation. 

On an unrelated note, I currently have multiple canker sores in my throat. I would say it's like a 9 on the pain scale, and I've had screws drilled into my hips so yeah, I know my pain scale. The result of the cankers is that eating anything with more texture than a limp noodle is like the most painful thing ever, so my diet over the past few days has consisted of ramen and ice cream. It's been just about as good for me as it sounds, maybe a little worse. 

So this one time while scrolling through the mother of all craft inspiration I came across an iPhone case that allows you to use your phone while scuba diving. Right because you wouldn't want to miss any instagrams or status updates while you were swimming 60 feet under the ocean.

If you are one of the like two people who has tried to contact me via phone over the past month, don't take it personally. Unless you are my dentist, then yeah, I'm still a little bitter about the time you compared me to Ke$ha.  

I can usually assess my mood according the way my blog posts turn out. Mostly complaints? Biting remarks? Dripping with sarcasm? Time for a nap. And maybe some protein.

I have happy things and a trip to Morocco to talk about, so maybe check back after I've cranked out this stats class and then we'll chat. 


  1. I love you. Keep the witty banter comin' ladayyyyy.