Five steps to having a great day

Here's the thing: I try really hard not to sell myself short in my blogging. I try to find things to talk about that will leave people laughing, nodding their heads, or at the very least reading until the end of the post. I want people to be like, "sweet, Sadie blogged. This is gonna be good." I mean, duh. I think that's everyone's goal. But what I'm saying here is that I try to avoid fluff posting just to say I posted. I wanna make sure that I'm blogging because I have something to say, not because I want to up my followers. In this quest, I have tried to steer clear of posts like this:

Five steps to having a great day:

1. Start the night before by going to bed 15 minutes early. 
This way you have time to meditate about the previous day and get rid of all your negative energy. 

2. Leave time in the morning to give yourself a facial. 
If you take the time to pamper yourself, the world will take time to pamper you.

3. Think positively. 
The best way to do this is to stop yourself before having a negative though, and think of five positive things instead. You'll be amazed at the difference!

4. Ignore the haters. 
Remember that not everyone is as determined to have a great day as you are. Don't let anyone rain on your parade. 

5. Vomit rainbows. 
This way the world will know you are out to have a good time.
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Of course this post would be accompanied by a picture of myself twirling in a field with some "yay happiness!" quote on it to ensure that the post ended up on Pinterest. Yeah, I went there. We know what you're up to, other bloggers, we know. 

The issue with this goal of mine is that I sometimes find myself stuck in long periods of life when I don't find my thoughts to be blog worthy, and at these times it's really hard not to turn to pinterest-made self-improvement lists. 

In reality, I think I'm going through a blog identity crisis. Every time you read a list of "10 things to do to up your followers" the list tells you to find what you want to blog about and stick with it. DIY-ing? Great. Food? Go for it. Fashion? Werk it. But you guys, I don't have one thing that I like to blog about. If I happen to make some awesome food or I do something awesome with my apartment and I want to share it then I do. If I have a thought come to mind that I feel like sharing than I do. The issue is that I feel like successful bloggers who blog about similar things as me seem to fall back on the pinterest post regularly. And it's frustrating. That's all I'm trying to say.

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  1. Mental note to self: start vomiting rainbows....

  2. I've felt the blogging crisis before and found myself trying to compare myself with successful bloggers who post every day, have a million followers, and seem to always be pinned to Pinterest.

    I've just had to ask myself, what's my goal? To be pinned? To have hundreds of "followers"? Nope. Mine is to write about things I think are cool. And I do. Sometimes it's twice a week, sometimes twice a month.

    I say keep doing what you're doing. Your writing is great. When I see a post from you, I do have that thought: "This is going to be good." Just because you're being you.

  3. You know why you're feeling a blogger identity crisis? Because you're still a true genuine blogger!!!! (That makes sense I promise.) Don't for a second feel like you have to be a regular poster.. that takes away your freedom and that's just stupid.. blog when you want and when you feel like it!! That's how it was in the beginning and that's how it should stay. :) I miss the good old days. Hmph. :( "Before Pinterest." Miss it man. STAY TRUE FOR THA SISTAHOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I have no idea where that came from.. or who is in the sistahood.. but you and I are probably.. right?)

    k going now. this is starting to sound like one of my embarrassing blog posts. LOVES.

    oh, I just got a brilliant idea. blog sometime when you're really hyper. I just want to see what happens. hehehehehehehehehe. k for real turning back into an adult.......... now.

  4. "I want people to be like, "sweet, Sadie blogged. This is gonna be good." --- That's exactly what I think when I read your blog!

  5. I would prefer if you stuck with doing things the way that you have been. I really enjoy reading your blog posts.

    Then again I hate Pinterest and refuse to follow it, because all the stuff there is the same absurd feel-good glurge that I can find anywhere on the Internet.

    There's a term for things like Pinterest: "Content-free." It's full of fluff that is enjoyable and can be quickly consumed with little thought or reflection, but in the end all you've done is waste a bunch of time. Kind of like reading cotton candy.

    Your blog has content, and I like it. Please don't change.