The biggest differences between Spencer and me

1. The way we watch TV

I have noticed that I am unique in my TV watching habits from a young age. I remember spending my days at the Perry's, occasionally finding ourselves scattered in front of the TV. Diana, being the oldest,  always had remote privileges. We would stop on one show and watch it until a commercial came on, then we would channel jump until she sensed it was time to go back. I was always amazed by her abilities to predict when commercial breaks would end. 

I have to admit, this process always gave me a bit of anxiety. I had liked what we were watching. What if she found something else she was more interested in and I never got the sappy message at the end of Full House? What if she turned back too late and I missed a funny post-commercial joke, or worse, a post-commercial plot twist? The possibilities were endless and terrifying. 

Do I have anxiety issues? Am I too lazy to hit buttons on the remote? Was I not blessed with the gift of discerning the length of commercial breaks? I may never know, but I definitely know that I never change the channel during the commercials. I even get a bit of anxiety when people fast-forward them on DVR. 

I know I'm weird because not only did the Perry family watch TV this way, but all of my roommates have watched TV this way. Whenever I've been watching with random people they watch this way. And Spencer? Spencer definitely watches this way. I worries me that I need to take a deeper look into TV watching habits. 

2. The way we make a PB&J

One morning in junior high I made a PB&J as my mother watched from a distance. When I was finished she chimed in, "well, I guess I'm the odd man out." I was thrown off, but she continued to inform me that I made my sandwich like my dad and like my mother's childhood friend, Marilyn. She said that she once watched Marilyn make a sandwich, spreading both the peanut butter and jelly out to the very edges of the bread before putting the pieces together. My mother watched this process in awe, wondering why she made her sandwiches so oddly. 

My mother, you see, did not spread the toppings to the very edge, nor did she spread them evenly over their respective pieces. It wasn't until she got married and noticed that my dad made his sandwiches like Marilyn, and when they had children and they said they liked Dad's sandwiches better, that she realized she was the odd-man out.

I haven't informed her yet, but I have found her a partner in crime. The first time Spencer made me a PB&J I looked at it in awe, wondering how someone could manage to make something so similar to the way my mother would do it. 

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  1. Josh had a roommate who watched tv by flipping through channels on commercial breaks. It also caused me some measure of anxiety and drove me insane when he did it. Of course, he always missed the end of the commercials and often got sidetracked to other shows.