World Wide Web

I sat down a few hours ago to start finish a biology paper that's due tomorrow. It took about 30 minutes before I found myself googling which celebrities I should be following on instagram*.

Here's the thing. Today marks the first day in just under two weeks that Spencer and I have had internet in our apartment. It was a long, hard road, but we managed. We endured many helpless phone calls to netgear, emails to management, and conversations with the geek squad. Our problem was identified yesterday, and today has been our first day back in civilization.

But here's the other thing. After the initial inconvenience of the situation wore off, I actually kind of liked not having internet in the apartment. Am I crazy? Probably not. It was truly amazing. When we were home, we were home. When we were writing papers, we were writing papers. We learned to finish all internet-necessitating tasks while on campus, and we learned to maximize our time at home.

The problem is that I know how ridiculous that really is. If I don't want to google random things while writing papers, then I shouldn't google random things while writing papers. Have I no control over my actions?? Can I not refrain from google if I want to?

Apparently not. But please tell me I'm not the only one. Who else gets crazy distracted by the world wide web?

As a matter of interest, today I applied for a program to get my associates in graphic design. I have never felt so happy or excited or right about a decision. Ok marriage. But you get what I mean.

*Lauren Conrad - @laurenconrad
Hillary Duff - @hillaryduff
Zooey Deschanel - @zooeydeschanel
Emma Roberts - @emmaroberts6
J Beibs (not following but he came up on every list)
Mindy Kaling - @mindykaling
Taylor Swift - @taylorswift
Jamie Lynn Spears - @jl777

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