The Top 2 Problems With the World

Number 1: This advertising 

The other night dinner was Taco Bell. No judgment. As we were leaving the parking lot I noticed this sign posted in the window:

I'm sorry, what? First of all, collect? No, you do not collect food, you eat it. Collecting something means you set it on a shelf or in a binder to pull out and show distant relatives. I'm pretty sure collecting food is called hoarding. Let's not. 

Second, two? Really? Collect all two? Is this like the beginner's guide to collecting? If stamps or coins are too intimidating you can start here! For just $1.39 each you can start your very own collection! Warning: collectors items left of the shelf too long may start to ferment. 

Number 2: This movie casting

If you haven't seen Saints and Soldiers then I am about to completely ruin it for you. Deacon dies. The main character, the one you come to love and care for, he dies. I was pretty bitter about it, and I wasn't excited to see number two. However, a few minutes after turning it on Spence and I were staring at the screen in disbelief. Right there, on our screen, was Deacon. But he wasn't Deacon, he was just the same actor playing a completely different character.

What? You guys, you just can't do that. That's like having Sirius Black come back in the 6th and 7th movies playing a death eater. "Wait, isn't that . . . ? Oh, no, I can see the dark mark on his arm. Must be someone else."

I'm no film professional or anything, but I'm pretty sure if you're making a sequel to a movie where the main character dies, you can't have the same actor play another character in the second movie. Yeah?


  1. I wonder who cleared that marketing campaign. It's rather stupid sounding.