Recent Thoughts

The hardest thing I have done in my college career was three half-page biology lecture write ups. I need to start praying for the people in that major

Google Fiber is coming to Provo. This sounds cool and all, but a part of me agrees with my brother. How fast do we really need to watch cat videos? I guess I'll have to wait and see what this really means for us little Provoites

One more "keep calm" poster and I will scream

New favorite Laffy Taffy joke: 
Q: Why are kindergarten teachers so good?
A: They make the little things count

Old favorite Laffy Taffy joke:
Q: What were Tarzan's last words?
A: "Who greased the vines?"

I read an article about why the dove beauty sketches made this girl feel uncomfortable and a little bit angry. I have a lot of thoughts on it, but I'm still waiting for them to sort themselves out in my mind before I share them

I am choosing to believe that if I pretend like my finals don't exist, they won't exist. So far it's working great

I once openly admitted to not finding grumpy cat funny, but I find this one hilarious


  1. Good luck on your finals! So basically, yes fiber can give you really fast internet, but GOOGLE FIBER also gives FREE internet, and for someone who pays 75 $ a month for internet, I wouldn't mind haven't slightly slower 5mb up, if it was totally free!!! Plus, it made comcast lower our internet so now we'll only have to pay 68 a month instead of 77. and they increased our speed to 50. So that's great for us.

  2. I'm interesting in reading said article.

  3. I should probably tell you that I think you are hilarious, and I love your blog. It is the best procrastinatory tool I have found to date.... I also agree on the finals thing! I am pretending right there with you...

  4. my only favorite grumpy cat is "my patronus is a dementor"... nuf said.

  5. my only favorite grumpy cat is "my patronus is a dementor"... nuf said.

  6. I laughed out loud at the laffy taffy jokes! Thanks for sharing!