my life is so hard

Here's the issue: I never graduated from high school.

This is me at my high school graduation . . .  not graduating
It's called homeschool, and so far it's been working pretty well for me. BYU let me in on my ACT score and some official "she really had an education we swear" papers from the school district, so no sweat. But now that I'm applying for a different degree they're all like, "high school diploma, yo." And I'm like, "does my bachelors degree not count?" and they're all, "no." So, that's an issue that I'm currently working through.

Here is another issue. For my media class we have to write a letter to someone influential about our thoughts on what they should be doing. I'm torn between writing an angry rant letter to someone about the sexualization of women - Hugh Hefner, Heidi Klum - or writing a letter of appreciation to someone for all the good they have done for the world - J.K. Rowling, Stephanie Meyer. 

Lol, jk. But really, for some reason I feel super attached to this assignment like it's my baby or something and I want to pick someone amazing. I feel pressure. 

That's all I have for you today. Except for that my followers keep going back and forth between two numbers, so, not that my happiness and sense of self worth depend on followers or anything, but that needs to stop. And you should probably check out my brother-in-law's blog. It's a party.


  1. Haha you should write a letter to J.K. Rowling telling her what she should be doing differently--writing more Harry Potter books! ;) That's crazy about your homeschooling issue. I swear that high school graduation at this point shouldn't matter. You're in BYU right? Shouldn't that be enough? Oh and I know what you mean by the followers thing. I hate it when it goes back and forth between numbers. It shouldn't matter, but for some reason it just does.

  2. Which program are you applying to? I recently applied to a community college in our area and because I had my BYU diploma they didn't need my high school diploma. Is it a matter of getting your official diploma in April? (I assume that's when you graduate....). Or are you applying to a program at BYU?

  3. seriously, this letter due tomorrow is stressing me out much more than it should! I want to sound educated but not stuck up. I want to be convincing but not rude. it's so hard!!! hope you figure yours out too!