Life is happy

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We went to a pet store in search of a fish and I left my heart with a canary. Canaries have always been close to my heart, my brother had them when I was growing up. The closest thing to a pet I've ever had. We ended up getting a beautiful beta, not pictured because I am in the process of making a cuter background for his aquarium. 

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This is how we baseball. We played in a home run derby with some people in our ward and after a while we realized that the balls weren't getting hit to our side of the field so Spence took to a lawn chair. Please note: I hit two home runs. Don't be shocked or anything I'm super athletic. 

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We love all things caprese and these were no different. Spence loved them when the bread was baked, but I loved them when the bread was fresh. But the bottom line is that they were delicious. 

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This semester I had a group research project. We decided to look at paternal hostility and warmth in prime time television. The process included coding 10 hours of TV, writing research papers, and presenting our findings via a poster and presentation at a conference on campus. 

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Thrifting, baby. Provo finally got a decent thrift store and it was Spencer's first time. We hit gold and plan to visit again and again. Encore thrift store my friends, somewhere west of university ave. on center street. Go indulge yourselves. 

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We finally stalked down the waffle truck, it was worth everything. I got the red wonder and I'm never ever looking back. Those babies made us cry of joy with each bite. 

We also saw Jurassic Park in 3D and died of happiness. No pictures were taken.


  1. What were your conclusions about paternal warmth and hostility?

    1. Fathers were more hostile toward their sons than expected and more warm toward their daughters than expected. The information processing theory says that people are more likely to display a behavior in real life if they have seen it on tv. Research shows that sons who have hostile fathers are more likely to be aggressive, which means that, according to theory and our research, dads who watch time prime television are more likely to be hostile toward their sons and therefore their sons are more likely to be aggressive.

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  2. Um, thrift store it Provo?! Why have I not heard of this!!!