Two Years ago Today

Maybe it's the fact that Jennie is currently in there, or maybe it's just cause I really miss being tan. Either way, I am super missing Galilee right now and I would give anything to skip back two years and spend another weak or two on those beaches.

Ok so this is a rough jumping picture, but I miss it nonetheless.
That one time Katie's skirt kept flying up in the wind so our professor let her borrow his hoodie.

I am wearing this same shirt today. It wasn't intentional, but I am now claiming that it is in remembrance of this glorious day.

*snif* my heart hurts a little bit right now.
Stalker photo of husband and me taken by Ashley.
10 points to the person who A) gets me back there or B) finds me a beach.


  1. "I would give anything to skip back to years and spend another weak or two"

    Who are you and what did you do with my sister?

    Also, how awesome is it that you have photos of Spencer before you knew you were going to marry him? :D

  2. LOVED this post! I'm totallying copy-catting you today and writing a galilee post.

    Love and miss you, my dear.