The Easter Prank

Last year I experienced the power of the internet in a big way. Here is how it went.

Sacrament meeting on Easter Sunday had just ended. Bronwyn turned to me and voiced exactly what I was thinking: she was feeling really sick. We sat a debated the pros and cons of going home. We really didn't feel our best, but leaving church 2 hours early on Easter seemed like a sin. We decided to stay, which turned out to be one of the best decisions we had ever made. 

Once church was over Bronwyn and I headed back to the apartment, Jennie and Natalie staying for church meetings. Bronwyn stopped at the apartment below to ask if we could borrow some toilet paper, because that's what you do when it's Sunday and you realize you're out. I continued up to the apartment and, upon opening the door, was met with the greatest surprise of my life. 

Where our couches had once been there were trees, our carpet replaced by grass. Our usually silent apartment was filled with the sound of chirping birds, and then I saw it. Something small and white was running along the back wall of our living room.

It was terrifying. I closed the door before whatever it was could get to me, and slowly it sunk in. We had been pranked, and we had been pranked good. But I couldn't let Bronwyn know, I needed to see her genuine reaction.

I went down stairs armed with my poker face, which it turns out I don't actually have. She knew immediately that something was up, and asked me who was waiting in our apartment. She continued asking until she opened the door, when she, too, was terrified. 

I can't even explain it. People ask us all the time why we all closed the door, and I just think how I know they would have done the same thing. In place of our living room was a magical fairy woodland, and there was nothing to do but close the door and see if it disappeared. 

It was probably 30 seconds after I opened the door that I knew who had done it. The boys of apartment 83 were our good friends, and they were known for their pranks, but this one was over the top in an amazing way.

They had set up cameras around the apartment and soon had a video put together for YouTube. We were hoping to get around 1,000 hits, but after it had been up for about an hour we were to 4,000. It was a surreal feeling. The numbers continued to grow, topping out at around 800,000, though they have slowly grown since then.

It was amazing to see how one little YouTube video led to news interviews, Huffington post articles, 2012 in review blogs, etc. It was amazing to witness something I was a part of go viral.

Andy Warhol said that, in the future, everyone would have their 15 minutes of fame. This was mine, right here.

FAQ answers:
• Nope, none of us were dating any of them.
• No, this video did not result in any marriages. However, one of the guys involved is engaged to a Crookston who moved into that same apartment. No relation as far as we know, but this is part of my life's biggest coincidence, which I will share in a later post.
• It cost each of them $35 dollars.
• The animals were given to Adam's boss, who has a farm.
• And, as a matter of interest, my favorite YouTube comment: "Bronwyn? Is she an elf?"