It is what it is you guys, I love Parenthood.

The first time I saw a commercial for it and realized Lorelai was making an appearance I knew I was going to love it.

I love watching and wondering how I would react in those situations. I love the character development. You guys, Amber? That girls has grown so much from the first episode. I love the relationship between the parent siblings. I love the acting. I loved the prom episode because everyone was awkward and no one knew if they were going in for a handshake or a hug and it felt real. It just feels like real life to me. It's things I've gone through, things I fear going through, and things I never even thought to think about going through. It's a family going through hardships and trials but in the end always being there for each other.

What do you love about your favorite TV show?


  1. Dr. Who: I love it because it's humor is quirky but mostly because it reminds me that humanity is overall good and that individual people are very important, no matter how big or how small. Also, it's anti-violent so that's good.

    I love Patenthood for the same reasons you do.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer: campy, silly, a total escape from reality, but still touches on the importance or family and good friends, which I love.

    Little House on the Prairie: no explaining needed, it's just awesome.

  2. I love that people ALWAYS hit zombies right in the head, but can't hit a living human being (even if they're holding still) worth a darn.

    Wait, am I doing this right? I think I might be doing it wrong.