Give me a smartphone or give me death

Alright you guys here is the basis of all our problems: In a recent study, 85% of people said they would rather give up water than their smart phone. I can't make this stuff up. Another study showed that people would rather give up their sense of smell, so, that's an issue.

A confession? When I thought about what I would do if I had my smartphone taken away from me my first thought was, "get a Kindle!" Right. So basically change nothing.

I like to think that I could have my phone taken away without any withdrawal symptoms, but I don't know how optimistic that is. 

I have a pretty clear memory of the process of trying to convince my mother that I needed a cell phone. "But Mom! I'm going to start dating and what if I'm on a date with a crazy person and I need to call you to tell you they're trying to kill me?!" I got a phone for my 16th birthday, so I guess my potential-murder-victim argument was pretty convincing. 

Before my sweet moment of triumph there were many moments of persuasion. I tried every angle, but mainly I tried to explain to her that once we had cell phones we wouldn't be able to imagine how we ever survived without one. She would rebuttal that people were living just fine without phones for centuries. Yes, mother, but people also survived without indoor plumbing for centuries. You've got to embrace the change.

While I still think this is true, I wonder if maybe we've embraced it a little too much. I honestly cannot imagine going back to something other than a smartphone. What would I do? How would I pass time waiting in the dentist office? What if I was at the store and needed to Google a recipe? How would I order a prescription refill at Wallgreens? What if I wanted to tweet on the go?

Last night I was sitting on my couch staring at the mess that was leftover dinner on my table. I knew I should get up and clean it, but I decided to play Unblock Me on my phone instead. I wasted so much time. How much more would I get done if I wasn't constantly checking in with the world or trying to beat my own high score? I need to find a happy medium.

What do you do to control your phone usage?


  1. I run away to a foreign country. Hehe.

  2. I deleted my games. That way when I "need" to pass the time (like waiting at the dentist) I only do productive things like check my email or read the news. Games are truly a waste and (at least for me) they suck you right in forever and ever.

  3. I closed my facebook account. I personally think everyone should close their facebook account. But i realize I am in the minority so I try to only share my thoughts on "why" if you want to know.