Finding Fatima

These pictures and their captions are stolen directly from my dad's Facebook. As some background, my parents live in Morocco. He titled the album "Finding Fatima, 1985 to 2013"

"This is Fatima Ait R'hema. I met her and her mother in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco in 1985, and later (1990) painted this picture from the photo. It has hung on our wall since. Now that we're living in Morocco again (28 years later) Gayle and I decided to see if we could find her. Armed with a framed print of the painting, we set out from Marrakech on Tuesday, March 26, 2013."
"We drove up and down the road leading to the Tizi-N'Tichka pass, me trying to find the place where I took the photo. No luck. We stopped and showed the painting to people. Still no luck. Then we saw two men standing in front of a small rock and fossil shop. They looked like they spoke French. When we showed them the picture one of them smiled and said "Fatima." His name was Ben IJJA El Houcaine. He said Fatima was from his village, which was in the valley just below his shop. He said he'd take us to her. Here he's holding Gayle's hand as we descend the trail."
"Houcaine was right. Fatima was there. She remembered me and seemed pleased to receive the picture. Here she is with her mother. Behind them is Houcaine's shop where our car is parked. We were surprised how young she still looked. We asked her how old she was and she replied that she didn't know. Houcaine told us that Berbers don't keep track. We were invited to their house for mint tea. We received some warm hugs, and Gayle told Fatima how glad she was to finally meet the girl who has been in our home for so many years. It was a great little reunion."
 "This shepherd is sharing one of our cookies with his young ram."
I included that last picture because, duh, it's awesome. 

I loved reading this story. That painting has been hanging on our wall my whole life and somehow the fact that my parents found her again makes me feel like everything is right in the world.


  1. This is seriously one of the most awesome stories to come out of our family.

    And we have some pretty awesome stories.

  2. Amazing. Your family is so cool :)

  3. How cool that they found her again!!! It only seems right since she's been in your home our entire lives!

  4. must comment before I forget: I LOVE THIS AND I LOVE YOUR DAD. BAHHHHH.

    easter prank video. have been thinking about it so much.