Have you eaten your rice today?

Day 11: Makes Me Happy

You can set up a feature on your iPhone that automatically changes something you write into something else. I figure it's purpose is to make it easier and faster to say things you say a lot. For example, were I always texting people "running late, be there in 5" it would be convenient to set my phone to change "rlbti" to say the previous statement. 

I first discovered this feature while playing with Spencer's phone and I knew I had to have some fun with it. I set his phone to change the word "ok" to say "have you eaten your rice today?"

I was sure he would notice it before sending a text to anyone and presumably would be confused until I confessed.

But it turns out he was sending a text in a hurry and did not notice the change until the recipient inquired after it. 

We had a good laugh about it, and this is still one of my favorite Spencer stories.

This guy. This guy in all his Newsie's cap glory. This is what makes me happy. 


  1. Haha that is really funny! I didn't know you could do that, I'll have to try it out on some people and have some good laughs :)

  2. Think of the possibilities! TOTP! You and Spence should come watch some Media over at my house with AIslynn and I and then we can both blog about it.