Girl needs to be slapped

We just started watching Downton season 3. I didn't really know what to expect other than the normal awesomeness, but I definitely knew something big was going to happen as people kept telling me to tell them what my reaction was. I was doing a great job avoiding the news, but as I was on Facebook the other day I definitely scrolled through a status that almost gave everything away. I freaked. I acted.

I hoped it got my point across. Stop posting spoilers, you are the worst.

Over the past few days we've dedicated many hours to dearest Downton and we definitely came across the thing that people have been going on about. I was so so glad I didn't know before hand, it made me feel legit when I called it. 

So today I'm sitting in the waiting room in the doctor's office and I overhear the girls at the desk. 
"Hey, do you watch Downton Abbey?"
"No, but I heard that *insert spoiler here* happened this season cause everyone on facebook kept going on about it."

Um, you guys. I freaked. Cue my inner black woman. Excuse me? You say what? Girl, you best be glad I already seen that or I would hit you upside the head. 

So that's a healthy relationship with a TV show, right? People giving things away makes me want to slap them? Why does TV do that to us? How does it draw us in so fully? 

What TV shows are you way too attached to?

Disclaimer: I am not actually a violent person, nor do I slap people


  1. You should slap her, she deserves it.

  2. i totally agree! spoilers should not be talked about out loud! if you want spoilers, which i usually don't mind knowing a bit, go to a spoiler website and read it quietly to yourself! lol by the way, i love your humor sadie!

  3. Sadie, I totally get this way. I am freaking out because I have to miss Psych this week...I don't want any spoilers before I can see it the next day. GAH!