Books from my past

We did an assignment on our favorite book from childhood and from adulthood. We were suppose to blog about it, but I feel weird about it because I have already blogged about both of these books. Harry potter here, and the hiding place here.

And so I began to think about other favorite books from my childhood and youth. I had many. They all touched me one way or another, but the one I remember reading the most was called A Time For Dancing.

To be honest I don't remember much about the book, just that one of the main characters had cancer, and the first time I finished the book I was on a plane. I was so embarrassed to be crying in front of people. I don't often cry from books or movies, so this was a big deal.

I don't remember what I connected with in this book. My best friend moved the summer before high school, maybe I associated with losing a friend? I have always feared cancer. Maybe I was fascinated by the portrayal?

I'm not sure what touched me about this book, but I am going to go search through the shelves of my parents home and find my old copy. I know it will be a quick read, I'm going to go through it again and see if I can more accurately pin point why I loved it.

Has anyone else read this book? Do you have a book from your youth that you read over and over again?

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