Blowing Kisses

Day 21: A favorite photo of myself

I used a childhood photo last year as well. I don't even know you guys, I'm just obsessed with my childhood self. It's crazy to me that the person in that photo is the same person as me. She had thoughts and feelings and a little Minnesota accent, and she is me. It just blows my mind.

I just want to know what aspects of me have always been a part of me. Did I always hate seafood? Did I always have my sense of humor? How much of my personality is purely me and how much did I pick up from those around me?

We have zero home videos and as such I am completely dependent on stories about mini-me to know what I was like. In this picture I am blowing kisses, something I apparently did quite a bit.


  1. SO. CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!! Sadie. Oh my gosh. I suddenly really really really want you to have babies. ANd me. ANd they can be best friends. SLJDKJ:SLDJLSJD!!!! Okay sorry done. You're FREAKING ADORABLE. The end.

  2. You have always hated seafood, and your sense of humor has always been very sharp, now it's just aged a little a good cheese.

  3. "Did I always have my sense of humor?"