Arguments and Cat Videos

I read a quote the other day. I don't remember the source nor can I quote it verbatim, but here is the summary:
If someone from the 50's were transported to this day and I had to explain technology to them I would say that I have a device in my pocket that can access all of the information in the world and I use it to get in arguments with strangers and watch cat videos.
I love this. I hate this. I realize how pathetically true this is and I want to cry.

I remember being in 7th grade watching Channel 1 news. A commercial came on for the newest cell phone, a flip phone that could not only take 15 second videos, but it would allow you to send the videos via text message.

My mind was blown.

Upon seeing our star struck reaction my teacher turned off the TV and told us all to pull out a piece of paper. He wanted us to write down this advancement in technology and try to imagine how the cell phone could become more advanced.

I did the first part of the assignment just fine, but after that I mainly left it blank. Advance further than sending 15 second video clips? Psh, yeah. Ok. Maybe 30 second videos, but don't get crazy.

And look at me now. An Android. A smart phone. A device in my pocket that can access all of the information in the world. And how do I use it?

I wouldn't say that I necessarily get in arguments with strangers or watch cat videos, but what I do use my phone for is not much better.

Since reading this quote I have become much more conscious of my internet use. Facebook, pinterest, refresh a few times, twitter, email, school, facebook, email, pinterest . . . you know the drill.

We have such an amazing opportunity through the media to learn and accumulate knowledge. With this realization I have started going out of my way to Google things. If I have a question or there is something I don't fully understand I have decided to stop taking this amazing tool for granted, I look it up and learn all that I can.

How do you use your internet?


  1. Oh Sadie, I always love your posts! And that quote is totally spot on! And I've most definitely amped up my Googling lately with my new Android Google powered phone. I even do it in class if I don't fully understand something! I have learned a lot more, that's for sure! We've got such a powerful instrument in our hands, and it is very fascinating to see what we end up doing with it--good or bad.

  2. PREACH IT SISTA. That quote is so sad and so true. I'm so afraid to go home and fall back into my old ways of having my phone gluuuueeeddd on me and being on fb 24/7. Trying to think of goals to keep before I return.... but it's kind of inevitable. BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE!! gahhhh!

  3. In October I closed my facebook account and I thought i would miss it! I was so very very wrong! It is SO NICE not to have a facebook account! I mainly just use my phone as a phone. Every now and then I google something that I don't know the answer to for Austin or check out pinterest but mostly it's just my phone. I wish I could explain how simple life can become by closing facebook and using the internet less. I think way more people would do it.