4 reasons why pinterest is the worst

My thoughts on Pinterest are exactly the same as Jennie's

First, I love it. There is no better place to learn how to store your extra plastic bags, how to break in your new shoes, find doodle inspiration, learn amazing pranks, get outfit ideas, or learn how to make a bookshelf double as a sand box than Pinterest. It is by far the most convenient way to store all your recipes and get wedding inspiration while also remembering the bracelet you want to buy. 

Remember life before pinterest? Remember making bookmark folders and saving images to your desktop? Ah, the good old days.

But here are my issues:  

1) Pinterest makes me feel productive

Shouldn't that be a good thing? No, because I am not actually being productive at all. The other day I went through and organized my boards. I had this mass "Design/Items/Photos" board that was becoming a contestant for hoarders and I knew it was time to split it up. I spent a good chunk of my day creating new boards, alphabetizing boards, rearranging boards, deleting double pins, etc. When I was done I felt a distinct feeling of accomplishment.

Don't worry, it was short lived, soon to be replaced by a feeling of pathetic-ness. No, Sadie, rearranging pinterest boards is not productive. Cleaning the house is productive. Doing dishes, finishing homework, organizing my home, these things are productive. I think we often get caught up in pinterest, losing hours and never realizing where they went because they made us feel "productive."

2) Everything is the same as everyone else's

The other day I came across of list of Pinterest Wedding Don'ts. It was a compilation of ten things you don't want to have at your wedding or it will look the same as everyone else's. Burlap, stripped straws, haystack seating, mustache photo booth, etc. And it's true. We all see and pin the same things which makes them less unique and therefore less noteworthy when you decide to put them into action.

You wrote "Andy" on the bottom of your brown boot like on Toy Story? Yep, seen it. You have melted crayon art in the kitchen?* Yeah. You and the rest of the world. You made your baby's leggings out of an old skirt? Turned a man's shirt into a summer dress? Substituted apple sauce for oil? Did a cool braid in your hair? Yes. You and everyone else.

I feel like my main source of inspiration lately is Pinterest, and I have lost the ability to think outside of the creative box it provides me. This in itself is an issue, but it becomes more of an issue when everyone else gets their inspiration from the same place. No one is impressed with other peoples ideas anymore because the ideas are coming from the same place

3) Pinterest is more beautiful

Back to wedding receptions. What if everyone came to your reception picturing your beautiful pinterest wedding only to be let down by your real-world portrayal? There is no way to live up to professional photographs of professionally designed events. 

I believe this is a nice example of this.  

4) Loss of appreciation

Sometimes I'm scrolling through pages of beautiful things and something catches my eye. I remember it as one of the first things I saw after joining pinterest. At the time I thought it was beautiful, I thought it was exquisite. But as I see it now I simply think "Ah, must be someone new pinning that. It's old news."

What?? NO!! I once found the very idea of that thing was mind-blowing. I thought it was the funniest, prettiest, most well-worded thing I had ever seen in my life. But I have gotten use to it now and I don't appreciate it. 

I hate how bored I am getting with beautiful things. I scroll through my homepage with such little thought when in reality I should be freaking out over everything I see.



  1. So I just have to say...Today I was at a friends house and she was helping me with Caleb and Austin's Valentine's that I am going to give them tomorrow. I bought heart shaped pez containers and lots of refills. I glued them to popsicle sticks and then put them in a hot chocolate mug to look like a flower arrangement. She asked where I got the idea and I told her it was mine. She was shocked! She thought for sure I had gotten it from pinterest!

  2. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. (Obviously.) I am so so sad that beautiful things don't catch my eye anymore. Nothing is good enough anymore. Not even to me. And I hate it. :( I got legitimately sad when you talked about bookmarking pages and saving pictures to your desktop... everything needs to stop being part of the good old days!!