365 days later

A year ago I decided to do a photo a day in February. 

I felt weird about it, but I was curiously drawn to it. 

And today, as I was scrolling through pinterest, I came across the photo a day February list. The nostalgia swept over me. Literally. I could feel it. 

So I spent a few minutes going through last years pictures and thought how fun it would be to compare this year to the last. 

I stopped myself. Between blogging twice a week for class and a photo a day people will lose interest.

But then I thought, oh well. I am married now. Don't blogs turn into housewife journals when you are married?

So. On that note. 

Day 1: My View Today

My beautiful turquoise dishes. Just doing my housewife duty.


  1. You also should do the "Take a picture of yourself in the same pose everyday" and see how you have changed over the year. Just sayin...it could be cool.