Why foreign movies are the best

When I was little my parents would bring home all these foreign films and try to convince me that they were awesome. Here's the thing, they were right. They were awesome.

I would start watching all begrudgingly just being grateful that reading the subtitles counted for my daily reading time, but by the time the movies were over I would be all into these little Chinese boy's lives or praying that the genius Italian kid would win the lottery. What can I say, my parents knew what was up. 

I guess it's been a few years since my latest foreign movie viewing, cause last time I was presented with one I adopted my old mindset. My brother-in-law was routing to pop in this Spanish film about a mom separated from her son. Sounds depressing, let's not. But the majority ruled and next thing I know I'm sitting on the edge of my seat crying along with this little boy's journey. 

Ok not really. I never cry in movies. But I definitely stayed awake for the entire thing which is saying so much. Like, so much you guys. 

The story is about a little Mexican boy whose mom is working in the States trying to earn money to bring him to meet her. I loved the movie because it didn't have any of the cheesy sappy attitudes that American movies can produce. Everything was (reasonably) realistic and there was some amazing character development. 

But I think my favorite thing about the movie was the cultural awareness it offered. It really focused on the Mexican perspective of crossing the border and working to bring your family together. It's so easy to get caught up in your perspective and forget to take other's lives into account. It was a good reminder that the media can provide perspective and give insight into lives that you aren't familiar with. We're so lucky that we can learn about other cultures and lifestyles in this way.

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  1. I'm so glad you saw this movie! It really offered such a unique perspective, like you said. I think there's been so much negative media surrounding immigrants and I was so grateful this movie showed the other side. It made me much more compassionate to those families who go through that kind of separation and stress.