The worst decision I ever made.

You guys. I bought a green leather jacket. 

Why? Because it looked cute on the fashionable Asian lady modeling it. 

And so I ask again: Why? I am not Asian. I am not fashionable.

Like, so not fashionable you guys. I don't even own a necklace. (Lies. I might own two.) I only realized that wearing black and brown isn't a taboo anymore like a week ago. Was it even ever a taboo? Sometimes I look at something and I'm like "yeah, that would be a great outfit." But then I put it on and I realize I look like someone from one of those "What made you look in the mirror and say, 'yes, this is how I choose to represent myself today'?" memes. It's bad. 

If something comes into style you can be positive I'll pick up on it about a month before it goes out. I already have a pair of hipster glasses picked out for like three years from now when it's so ridiculously "out" that people cry upon seeing me. I'm like a walking fashion charity case. 

When the jacket arrived in the mail I opened it, and looked at it, and laughed at myself a little. Ok, I laughed at myself a lot. And then I thought, "Who is fashionable? Who knows what to do with this thing?" And the answer came to me: every other blogger in the world.

So this is me, pathetically and desperately asking for your help. How do you wear a green leather jacket?

I'd like to avoid looking like this, if at all possible.



  1. Haha. You are so cute. It looks like a way adorable jacket. I would honestly just wear a plain colored shirt with it, an infinity scarf, skinny jeans, and boots. Oh, & I'd love to see a photo when you're done with it :) You'll look good, girl!

  2. I realize that the majority of the people with whom we share a genetic history (immediate family anyway) are generally not the biggest fashionistas so...remember that as you read this...

    White t-shirt (because they match anything, right?), jeans, and shoes and a belt that match each other. If you find a scarf that has a little bit of green that matches the jacket then great, otherwise...just the shirt, jeans, and matching belt and shoes (Like both black or both brown or both white or whatever.)

    That there is some good, no nonsense, Crookston fashion advice.

  3. Sadie girl, doubt not. You will look fabulous in this.

    No regrets :-)

  4. lololololololol I am busting out laughing in the computer lab!! the second I read the title and saw the picture of the jacket I laughed so hard, and then the last picture!! hahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha!! I love you. you are brilliant to ask the bloggers of the world how to wear it... THEY WILL KNOW!

  5. OK so I just looked this post up JUST to tell you that I am watching E News right now (yes, on a Friday night..shoot) and they are doing a "Who wore it better?" and Rihanna and some other famous person are wearing a jacket JUST LIKE THIS! Except it was a little brighter green, but seriously it looks like the same jacket. But I got soo excited for you and HAD to tell you.
    Also, in case you are curious, Rihanna wore it with a black maxi dress and the other girl had like gray wash jeans and a bright yellow scarf. :)

    1. Kelsey. I cannot believe it has taken me over TWO YEARS to reply to this comment. I honestly think about this all the time!! I should have kept the jacket and tried to make it work!!