I hate my favorite movie

I remember being in 7th grade when I became aware of my favorite movie. You've Got Mail. Always. I love Kathleen Kelly. I love her store, her apartment, the ways she cries about the shoe books. I love the way Joe Fox tricks her into falling in love with him. I love the ridiculous reasons he comes up with for the numbers in Meg's lover's username. You guys, I love this movie.

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Now, on another note, over the years I have become overly-sensitive to infidelity in the media. The Notebook? I hate it. I hate that she left her perfectly amazing fiance to sleep with a boy she "loved" one summer when she was seventeen. Whenever the media makes light of infidelity I feel like someone has personally stabbed me in the heart. It breaks me. 

As I have watched Kathleen and Joe fall in love over the years I have tried to deny the truth that has been staring me in the face: their story is that of infidelity. Both characters are in serious committed relationships. Both are unhappy. Both are having emotional affairs with strangers they met online. 

And so I try to justify. It's fine, it's Meg. She's adorable. She's perfect. Theirs is a true love. You see? You see what the media did there? It got me to believe that it's OK to emotionally cheat on your significant other as long as you are really in love.

So what do I do? Do I stop watching my favorite movie? Do I stop watching anything that references anything I don't agree with? I guess I would have to say no, I don't think that's the answer. I think it's definitely important to filter your media, obviously, but I also think it's important to just be aware of what you're watching. Understand what the media is telling you is ok, and decide for yourself if you agree with it or not.


  1. I never thought about that about either of those movies, but it's totally true! definitely gonna be more aware from now on. I feel like chick flicks and love story movies make everything seem fine in their cloud of romance haha.

  2. preach it sista. amen. yes. si. yes in another language.

  3. I honestly feel like the media portrays that to be okay all the time. And I hate it. I loved that movie, too. But then I was like, "Whoa whoa whoa. I'm trying to justify it!" And I shouldn't be doing that. I feel like anything that justifies infidelity isn't healthy :/ Even though....that's your favorite movie. Haha. Just be aware, still! Be Be aware!!

  4. SADIE. This is my favorite movie too. And so I feel it is my duty to point out... Her name is Kathleen. Not Catherine. But I still think you're the coolest!!!!