Babysit Your Man

I'm taking a media class this semester that requires me to blog about media twice a week. At first I was like, cool, I know exactly what to write. I should complain about the sexist way men are represented in the media in every form from commercials to prime time television. But then I was like, whoa, Sadie, slow down. Let's keep this first one light or at least borderline happy so people don't automatically cringe and skip when they see a media post.

But then I was like, Eh, followers, who needs 'em?* 

Let's start by watching this. This Scrubbing Bubbles commercial comes on quite often, and each time I roll my eyes and feel my annoyance level rising. Yeah, sure, of course a man would never clean the toilet, that's a nasty job for women to do. Why would we assume our man would help out around the house?

Have you seen the car insurance commercial where the wife complains that her husband ran a light or something, and then at the end she says that he went to buy milk but came back with a puppy? Sure, because men are incapable of running simple errands without getting completely distracted and making a huge time/money/family commitment without talking to you first.

Do you remember what happened when Claire of Modern Family decided to run for town council? Phil tried to take on some roles at home but I'm pretty sure Luke ended up in the hospital and Alex was accidentally given drowsy medication which knocked her out for the family party. Yep, cause moms are the only ones who can read medicine bottles and save their children from ER trips. 

 photo tumblr_lsgetacowX1qj30byo1_500_zpsa803aae2.gif

You get where I'm going with this. If you start to pay attention, you will start to notice how poorly men, specifically husbands and fathers, are represented in the media. It's a mindset that tells us our husbands aren't there to help us, rather they are just another person to babysit.

So how should we react to this portrayal? Be aware of it. Don't let the subliminal messages portrayed in the media start to sway your ideas of men. This past General Conference we were given an entire talk on this topic. You should check it out.

*I do. I need them. Please don't go.

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  1. I cannot tell you how much I love you for noticing this.