5 things I hate that everyone loves

I feel like the title is pretty self-explanatory. Let's get to it.

1) Adam Levine 

I guess he's hott? I guess his music speaks to people? I do not find him attractive and I do not like his music. Old school Maroon 5 was fine, but their new stuff makes me want to punch innocent things. When we were honeymooning in Hawaii Spence made me turn the car around because he legitimately thought he saw Adam Levine standing in a field. Even my husband understands. Am I alone in the world? Also, is he related to Avril?

2) New Girl

I love Zooey Deschanel. I think she is adorable and love-able and makes good music. But her show? I just do not connect with it. Let me take this opportunity to direct you to The Mindy Project. I don't know guys, I just love Mindy after reading her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me and Other Concerns. But New Girl? I just cannot.

3) Grumpy Cat

Grumpy cat is trending on Pinterest. Examples:

I mean, mornings can be hard. I get that. And people? Chyea, they can be the worst. But nothing about the grumpy cat is funny to me. This particular fact about myself makes me feel like I'm observing my generation from a grandparent's point of view. I just don't get it :(

4) Zombies

Ok, world, I Am Legend was entertaining, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies gave us all a good creeped-out laugh, but it's time to move on now. I can honestly PROMISE you that the zombie apocalypse is NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. And vampires would never/could never make good boyfriends. Move along now.

5) Chevron Stripes

In case you just got out of prison, here is a sample of chevron stripes:

I remember when I was first introduced to these. I didn't love them, but they seemed like a fun whimsy decorative pattern that could provide a cute background for a baby invite or something. Let me tell you, I was not the only person with that idea. 47,000 + like a few million chevron stripe patterns later, I cannot take it anymore. No more pillows. No more sweaters. No more phone cases. No more blankets. No more blog backgrounds. No more, my friends. No more. They were never that cute anyway, and when you stare at them too long you get a headache.*

In Conclusion, I will leave you with a list of 5 things I love that everyone hates:

1) Country music
2) Black licorice
3) The Paul McCartney Christmas song.
4) Doing dishes
5) Popping knuckles

*Jennie, I'm sorry you had to find out like this. I just didn't want to ruin your dreams. 


  1. Amen. To all of the above. Especially New Girl. I will never buy Zooey in that role and the humor is so cheap.
    ...but sometimes, ONLY sometimes, I like Grumpy Cat.

  2. I like to think that you like the sound of knuckle-cracking because of me.

  3. I totally wanna do a post like this now! Your feelings abou chevron reminds me of how I feel about mustaches and "Keep calm and _____ on" posters. TOO MUCH.

  4. I can pretty much agree on all 5 of those. Except Grumpy Cat, I actually like him. Anyway, I'm glad someone else hates New Girl. When the show first started I was glad to have a new show to watch, but that quickly went south thanks to horrible plots, trying too hard to be "funny", and nothing about it is actually funny.

    As for the things you love, I like country music, popping knuckles and hearing them being popped, and I actually like doing dishes.

  5. love black licorice and country music... and totes with you on the grumpy cat, chevron stripes, and that levine guy. the only grumpy cat I ever repinned was harry potter related, so... it cancelled out the nasty factor.

  6. and because I hate zombies so much, they get their own comment about how much I hate them.

  7. hahahahahahahahaha. It's okay, i cried for 5 minutes and then got over it. ;) Also, I love that those grumpy cat pictures made me laugh so hard.

  8. Great post! I particularly agree with you about the whole Zombie thing...I mean why people?! Excited to see more of your blog!