Happy finals, may your procrastination serve you well

Jennie and I have written our fair share of research papers during out college careers, and it's safe to say we've discovered the secret: try and load your paper with as much common knowledge as possible so you don't have to do as many citations.

Ah, the lazy man's load. 

But really, that is how we do it. As we were sitting in our room last night both attempting to write the intro section for our papers our conversation went something like this:

"Right. What if I say 'it is common knowledge to anyone with a brain that . . . ' or maybe 'anyone who has gone through adolescents or known someone to have gone through adolescents would know . . . '"

It was a rough path, and eventually I gave in a looked up a few dozen articles. Maybe Jennie had more luck? I haven't asked.

In celebration of finals week, what do you try to get away with on your assignments? How do you express your laziness?

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