Free printables for everyone!

Back in the day Bronwyn came to me with a poster she found on pinterest. The general message was lovely, but the design was not so much. Together we produced a much more beautiful version. The original blog post can be found here.

I can't help but notice that it has been getting a bit of pinterest action lately . . .

It has also made its way to some beautiful sites, like this and this. Basically what I'm tying to say here is that our little poster went viral and we're proud about it.

Also what I'm saying is that I love making things like this. If you have some words you want to be made pretty, or if you have a design idea you want to be made into a reality, or if you found a printable you really like but it's too small/too expensive or whatever, I got yo back.

You know how they say the work you do while you procrastinate should be the work you do your whole life? That is what design is for me. I can honestly sit in one place for hours on end not thinking about anything else. I love this work.

So shoot me an email and I will make pretty things for you FOR FREE!! Because that is how much I love doing it.

Before we go, I want to show off the magazine I made for my non-traditional book report:

also I get married in 10 days but I don't want to annoy facebook but just so you all know I AM STOKED


  1. Cool magazine, sadie girl! And yay for a wedding in 10 days :-) So good to see you last weekend.

  2. This blog post is the best thing to ever happen. It's about DANG TIME you show off your talent and loudly proclaim your (good) pride to the world!!! Also the very end made me smile. :) ESJDL:SJDL:KSJ:DLHEFNDLKJHKSJDFHKJ!!!!!!!

  3. One of my old coworkers wrote a blog post about it, and I felt cool because I know you.