Don't eat your children

I came across this little combination of words while doing my daily Pinterest scroll and I proceeded to shutter. Jennie and I have noticed something: parents often refer to wanting to "eat their children up." I guess it's a cuteness thing? Would I understand if I were a parent? I don't know, but I find this statement to be utterly creepy in every way.

Parents, let's stop promoting cannibalism and do this thing old style. You want to pinch your child's cheeks? Awesome. You want to snuggle with them, hold them close, stare at them all day? Cool. If I had a mini-human that looked like a mixture of Spencer and me I would want to stare at it all day too. But I would not eat it, because then it would be gone and I would be left with lawsuits.

You may be shaking your head knowing I'll understand one day. Maybe, but you will never know because my pride would keep me from ever admitting it.


  1. Utter perfection. Only thing it could have used is more disturbing examples like "Yummy!!" and "Can I have him for lunch?"

  2. I will admit to wanting to "bite cheeks and toes" of a certain little Xander man, but not in a "and then rip his flesh, chew, gulp and swallow," kind of a way.

  3. This is a quote from Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. Great book.